Welcome to The Gilded Galgatron

Welcome to The Gilded Galgatron

Located in the heart of Grayshallow Isle, surrounded by 3 huge islands lies a multi-storeyed wooden complex with a tall archway encasing its heavy doors. A heraldic sign hangs just over the centre of the arch, engraved with the image of a tankard and the letters “GG”. Around to the left is a long row of stables, and behind the building is a busy Workshop with piles of scrap heaped outside. You’ve arrived at The Gilded Galgatron, an isolated travellers’ haven at the centre of the world.

The Tavern- Main Room

Inside, the tavern resembles more a bustling banquet hall than a public house. The smell of smoke, roast meats, and stale mead seems to seep from the very walls and pillars, and the floors are always just a little bit sticky. Dozens of tables of all sizes are scattered chaotically about the central room. The bar runs the full length of the back wall and hosts an impressive collection of unique spirits. Swinging doors behind the bar lead into the kitchen. On the far right wall is a flight of stairs leading to the upper quarters as well as a door into The Side Room, and to the left blazes a large hearth surrounded by plush armchairs. Above the fireplace mantle hangs the great skull of the Galgatron – a 10-point rack of antlers, a stout central horn, and an elongated maw with a single pointed beak for the upper jaw and a row of jagged teeth beneath. The tavern is almost never empty, with patrons of all shapes, types, and dispositions populating its tables.

Magic Notice Board

Within the centre of the Main Room, a Magic Notice board is firmly set. Quests and news can be posted here from anyone in the World, and it serves as a hub for Adventurers from all lands.

The Side-Room

The side-room of the tavern is about a quarter the size of the main hall. It has no large tables, featuring instead only arrangements of armchairs and sofas for sitting. It’s floors are covered in diverse and exotic carpets, and along its far wall is an extensive library. This room is open to any patrons as a quieter place to sit and talk.


Behind the bar, the Butler, Jeeves prepares food for the patrons of the Tavern. Within the kitchen there is a small space containing food from all across the world, a huge pot with stew usually bubbling away, and a wide array of knives for Jeeves to use. There is also access to the outside Workshop through the Kitchen.


A small stables is outside, and Bobby sees to the upkeep of the few horses in there every day.


A large wooden Workshop sits outside the Tavern, still equipped with all of the tools necessary to create many different items and constructions. Junkyard pieces are piled up outside, ready to use, and saw benches and tables lie unused within.


A small library on the First Floor of the Tavern serves as a place to obtain and learn lore of the World. Books from foreign lands can be found here, although the knowledge within can vary in accuracy.

Tavern Owner – Bobby, the Mute

Behind the bar stands a stout, aging dwarf named Bobby. Bald-topped with a greying black beard, Bobby remains an imposing figure: his impossibly stout frame and bulging bare arms give credence to the legends about his grappling. He is a relatively neutral owner, saying little (partly because of his tongue having been cut out when he was younger), and insisting only that patrons take all their scuffling outside. He is happy to serve any travellers who have coin to pay, and won’t ever ask questions of those passing through

The Butler – Jeeves

A small construct of metal with two wheels to carry him around. Inside his body is the Bank of Holding, where he keeps all of items and extra limbs for different tasks (cutting food, cutting people, painting figurines).

The Personality of Jeeves is that of an incredibly helpful Butler. He will help with small tasks around the Tavern but has a very strict schedule of needing to make food during certain times of the day.

Bank of Holding  A huge bag of holding is carried at all times by the Robo Butler, Jeeves. Adventurers can place any items within the bag, and only take out items that belong to them with no fee. While within the Bag, they can’t be stolen and will always remain safe. (This will be useful if you don’t want to leave items around or in your room, and when going on Adventures.)

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