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Streaming over 100 hours of tabletop RPGs every month is a big investment. Between prepping games, coordinating sessions, producing the stream, hosting and managing our website, and handling all our PR, the expenses add up fast.

Supporting us on Patreon is a really great way to show your love of what we do. For you, it provides a simple monthly subscription with no fixed term commitments. For us, it helps us manage our budgets in a much more consistent way since we can see more clearly what we have to work with each month. Win-Win.

For as little as one dollar a month you can help contribute directly to the success of our show. In return, you also earn some awesome personal rewards from us! We are also proud to send out a monthly Patreon newsletters to all our supporters to keep them up to date on exclusive news, future plans, and what’s been going on behind the scenes. So, if you’ve got any spare loot, and you like tuning in to our shows, check out our Patreon today!

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