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Our viewer West Marches Campaigns run every Thursday night! We’ve run five seasons so far, and the sixth is about to start! Keep up to date on the continuous campaign world below!

Current Season: Season Eight


Past Seasons

Season One: The Siege of Murkglow

The eclectic goblin city of Murkglow found itself caught between a rock and a hard place: warring armies closing in from the north-east and the south-west, and hardly a goblin in site with brains or brawn enough to rally the city. The Siege of Murkglow charts the rise of unlikely heroes who fight alongside the courageous Captain Garret Undertree to fend off the coming storm!

Watch the full season here!

Season Two: The Beasts of Umber

The Beasts of Umber followed the rise of Blackwood Private Military Solutions and its charismatic leader, Garret Undertree. Umber is a giant turtle the size of a city upon which an entire civilization is built! The city itself is centred around an enormous entertainment district that pits thousands of slaves in mortal combat against monstrous and deadly creatures every day! Deep within the bowels of Umber, however, an ancient evil was awoken. The Dark One, as he is known, secretly follows Garret Undertree on his journey from Murkglow to Umber. This Dark One, it is sure, has great plans for Umber…

Watch the full season here!

Season Three: The Woes of Knaerwood

With Umber destroyed, the Dark One defeated, and Garret Undertree and his corporation Blackwood Private Military Solutions in tatters, Season 3 of the West Marshes turns our gaze toward Knaerwood, where Bjorn the Bear runs the ‘Knaerwood Knaves” – a free group of adventurers attempting to right wrongs in the world. Meanwhile, war rages with the Northern Kingdoms and Calita, while something sinister makes its home in the free colony of Knaerwood.

Watch the full season here!


Season Four: The Realms of Calita

Calita is an Elven city torn apart by a war with the Northern Realms. The King of the Northern Realms, Logan VII, is dying and the only thing which can save him is the Heart of Calita, an important religious symbol to all Elves. The Adventurers are forced into this conflict, and must eventually take a side.

Watch the full season here!


Season Five: The Carnage at Cainfield

The barren wastes of Cainfield are brimming with the souls of the dead. Locked in their millennia-long hatred, the spirits  have yet to lay down their arms. In Cainfield, the skies are always black with ash, and the ruins of ancient strongholds still line the horizon. A magnet for research, Cainfield draws many who seek the mysteries of life after death. One adventurer, a halfling named Winky Slipfoot, stumbles his way into this madness and makes camp with a nearby group of anthropologists.


Season Six: The Laws of Limbo

A recent tear has opened a path through the Multiverse, allowing access to the chaotic realm of Limbo. Floating chunks of rock, ice, fire, and other slabs of existence meander through the infinite wastes, and gravity shifts with every step. Despite warring Gith and ravenous Slaad, Eoin the half-elf bard and his eccentric lizardfolk sidekick, Razyth Ten-Tongues, sail their ways through this wasteland in search of primal shards, a crystal native only to Limbo, which have the power to shape the world itself.

Watch the full season here!


Season Seven: The Tales of Turnpike

The very existence of the West Marches world is at stake as a powerful magical device, the Turnpike, becomes the priority target for every major faction. With the power to manipulate the forces of magic and existence itself, the Turnpike can level entire cities with the pull of a switch. The nations of Murkglow, Knaerwood, Cainfield, and many others will stop at nothing to wrestle control over the most powerful weapon of mass destruction to enter the Material Plane.

Watch the full season here!

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